Welcome to my home on the web for the one-man show “Dirt,” which is now entering its 10th year as one of the most popular presentations for young people. I’ve had the good fortune to travel across the country performing in crowded theaters in big cities and tiny basement classrooms in small towns. One thing that remains the same wherever I go is the tremendous response I get from young people when they connect with something that I or one of my characters said on stage. In an age where everyone seems to spend all their life in front of a screen on an electronic device, I suppose it can be pretty shocking to some when they connect with one guy telling a story on an empty stage. It’s not shocking to me, though. I’ve always believed in the power of live performance. The power of imagination. The power of words. And the power of how we all can affect each other in ways both tragic or beautiful.
So, uhm, yeah.
Thanks for coming to my web site. I hope to be on your stage, or to have my graphic novel in your backpack, real soon.

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